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  1. Art101

    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    OK. Take a deep, healing breath. The internet was the most important advance in human communication since the invention of the printing press. It was highjacked by money-grubbing spammers and corporate interests that don't give a flying f*ck about you or me. I give up. I'm done with this sh*t. I will no longer offer reports to SpamCop. Doing so is pointless. Amazonaws is evil. Amazonaws rapes my inbox with crap I did not ask for and do not want. Have a nice day,
  2. Art101

    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    The torture never ends. The depth of my hatred for everything associated with Amazon and the Amazonaws nightmare is complete. Amazon will never suck one more penny from my bank account. F*ck Amazon. And f*ck bitly(dot)com, too, for enabling this nonstop spam rape. And probably Cisco Systems (the giant corporation that seems to have gobbled up Spamcop in order to render it completely useless). The Internet is dead. All hail the Internet.
  3. Art101

    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    It's increasingly clear that amazonaws(dot)com is not simply incompetent. It's evil. The internet was the most important advance in human communication since the invention of the printing press. It's hijacked by spammers, phishers, massive money-grubbing corporate interests, governments that leverage it to keep us stupid and scared, and related nightmares. Every email I receive with amazonaws(dot)com anywhere in the full header is spam. Every single byte. All attempts to stop this online rape have failed. Repeated attempts to contact amazonaws "support" have failed. I repeat: Amazonaws(dot)com is not simply incompetent. It's evil. A long time ago, I thought reporting amazonaws(dot)com spam via spamcop might help stop the assault. Stupid me.
  4. Art101

    OVH.Net spam ?

    Thanks, petzl... good info. We'll all bumble through the spam nightmare, thanks to services like Spamcop and Spamhaus. The fun never ends. [insert ironic emoji here] Totally off-topic (but maybe not)... good song by a longtime client/friend. Potential inspiration to maybe help brighten our days... http://www.fromthemoontotheearth.com/songpages/harvest-moon/ (website design by yours truly). Scroll down to the Soundcloud player thingamabob... In our sukkot of bone through this wondrous land we roam, ever lost — always home.
  5. Art101

    OVH.Net spam ?

    It's so sad. The Internet — the most important advance in human communication since the invention of the printing press — is highjacked by crazy, money-grubbing, jerkoff spammers.
  6. Art101

    OVH.Net spam ?

    I know this thread is a year old, but perhaps the following is still useful. I recently received and reported spam that resolves to ovh.net. I looked them up at The Spamhaus Project. Their SBL Advisory found 74 listings listings for IPs under the responsibility of ovh.net — starting from today and going back to October 2018. See: https://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/listings/ovh.net My mail host has a section where users can build and edit a personal blacklist. I added @ovh.net (the @ symbol tells the server to block everything associated with them, not just specific email addresses). Works great.
  7. Thanks, lisati. Good info. FYI: My primary email provider (Hostbaby) places no limit on how many domains I can block. Is this a great world, or what? Happy new year to all SpamCop members and users... a new year full of hope and promise (and free from spam).
  8. Thanks petzl, but that didn't work on my end. No joy. After removing the line you suggested, I still see the "nothing to do" message when trying to report Gmail spam. Good news today: The mail host for my "real" address lets me block entire domains. Google does not. I blocked all incoming mail with anything that includes @hetzner.co.za ... clearly an evil or compromised rogue domain. That won't completely stop the Gmail garbage, but it's a start. The Internet is easily the most important advance in human communication since the invention of the printing press (around the year 1440 CE). Unfortunately, the 'net is now highjacked by the worst aspect of human nature: Unbridled greed. Thanks for your tip; I'll keep an eye on this thread for more news and possible solutions.
  9. I'm one of the forum members posting this problem as referenced in Albert2's Dec. 2 post above. See: http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/25970-ongoing-mail-host-problems-with-gmail/?tab=comments#comment-114972 Like albert2, the workaround was fine until a few weeks ago (removing the "Received: by..." line(s) from the original full header and spam body, then pasting it into the comments section before hitting the "Process spam" button). I used to do this by simply copying the full header and spam body into Apple's TextEdit program as a plain text file, making the edit, then pasting into SC's report spam form. Hope I'm describing this clearly. Again, it worked fine for several months. But now I see what I was seeing before when SC parses the header. Screen shot attached. My mailhost configuration appears to be correct. It probably doesn't matter, but the only other change I made on my end was upgrading from macOS 10.13.4 to macOS Mojave 10.14.2 (latest build). I'm following this thread in hopes to find a workaround that works again. Thanks in advance for any tips that help me report spam forwarded from my Gmail account. Google seems unwilling or unable to make things simple and clean. Sigh. If it's helpful, here's the tracking URL generated by SC when I attempted to report the latest Gmail spam. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6509941447z78a17f98c019adb8dcd454feb439f9ccz Thanks again and happy 2019: A new year full of hope and promise — and free from spam.
  10. Thanks NoSpamMe. Good to know it's working for you. I continue to hope that the SC team will find a solution that's as easy and seamless as the normal reporting process. Meanwhile, I'll continue using this Gmail workaround. It's time-consuming and pesky, but seems to work. Thanks for fighting the good fight to help stop spam.
  11. Thanks again, Bill. I get it... you focussed on exactly what I needed to know, how to do it, and it works for now. All the best to you and yours.
  12. PS: Just for fun. Here's an ancient QuickTime archive file from 2003 at Art101.com. Low-res, bad quality, but it might help everyone understand why I still go bonkers over every chunk of spam that hijacks my inbox. Blessings to everyone who fights the good fight to help stop spam. http://www.art101.com/video/news10_web.mov Your pal, Andy
  13. Thanks Bill (and all). Sorry for the reply delay. I'm still in overload mode on a major project. Here's the good news. Your workaround worked perfectly. Yay! Today is a good day in the fight against spam. In the SpamCop reporting page, I pasted the full message (with all headers) from a recent Gmail message forwarded to my Mac via Apple Mail, then copied/deleted the 2nd line and pasted that line into the Comments field at the bottom of the report form. The spam was reported successfully. Possible related link: https://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=gettrack&reportid=6826058267 Let's hope SpamCop will render your (brilliant) hack unnecessary very soon. If SpamCop's interface is seamless and easy to use, more people will use it. And pay for the service, too. OK... back to work I go. Thanks again. Cheers.
  14. Hi all. Thanks for your replies. I'm sad to say that they don't really help. I'm still sad and confused today. Frankly, I'm just about ready to bail on the whole SpamCop thing after a decade of love. It shouldn't be this difficult, especially if SpamCop wants to reach the billions of people who are sick to death of the assault and want to help stop it with a simple, bulletproof interface. Sigh. OK, no more venting. Sorry. Please forgive me. I'm attaching three files: 1: A screen shot of the parsing info from the latest spam I tried to report (which arrived on my Mac via my Gmail account). 2: A screen shot from my current SpamCop mail host configuration. 3. A text file containing the full headers and body text I was trying to report. Please note: I understand that I may open myself up to a hacker's dream here, but I don't care anymore. I just want it to stop. I used to love the internet. It's the most important advance in human communication since the invention of the printing press a few hundred years ago. It's been highjacked by nasty, evil, money-grubbing jerks. OK. I'm done for the day. Thanks again for any help and tips. latest spamcop madness.txt
  15. Thanks much, Mr. Halberstadt. Your tracking URL will (hopefully) help get things rolling while I search for one that might be useful. I'm still in crazy deadline mode, but will try to get back to this issue over the weekend. Weekend? What's that? I vaguely remember the concept. Cheers. [insert wink emoticon here]