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  1. $ whois -h whois.ripe.net -b inetnum: - abuse-mailbox: abuse@inleed.se
  2. bengan

    Shouldn't addresses like IPv4 Link-Local be handled in same way as RFC1918? Sort of: "move on to next received line".
  3. bengan

    Explanation of this spam and devnull!

    Hi, The first one has a "Recieved" with an IP-number that don't have a route in the routing table (BGP). It's also an early registration prefix. The prefix doesn't have a registration in APNIC that is responsible for the whois-db of The last "Received" is an RFC-1918-address. The only "real" IP-number in the Received headers is the outlook address If this is a real email it's Microsoft that is responsible for this weirdness.
  4. Abuse contact for ' -' is 'abuse@mailchimp.com'
  5. Hi, Since several years ago the ripe-whois has a flag, -b, that lists the abuse contact if there is one. Three out of 5 RIR whois servers support this. RIPE NCC, APNIC and AFRINIC while LACNIC and ARIN don't. man whois | grep \\-b -b Return brief IP address ranges with abuse contact. An example that lead me here was this. Spamcop don't find abuse contact for But whois -h whois.ripe.net -b gets you inetnum: - abuse-mailbox: registry@tripnet.se