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  1. I run my own mail server, so this is for my company. I have reviewed those documents, and they don't seem to address what I'm talking about, so I'll put it another way. I am constantly submitting reports about these blocks, and they are pretty much my only sources of spam. One or two others may sneak in, but they are few and far between (which would be expected from an email that has been used three whole times, for domain registration, SpamCop, and SpamCop Forum). My messages to the administrators of these networks go unanswered, or answered, promised to change, and then nothing changes. I hear your thoughts on tagging email and sending it on, but that still results in spam in the system and a lack of error on the address, so we are a "good" address. For example, here's a list of IPs we have submitted in the last 5 days. We receive one or two messages from an IP, then another in the range is used. If the list is restricted to only per-IP (like it says), this kind of block will never be instituted, and the spammers are free to play as they wish. This may just be a limitation on SpamCop, and I will have to block at the single-IP or CIDR level. The only reason I brought it up, rather than just blocking it, was that we won't be reporting those spam anymore because we won't be seeing it in the mailbox.
  2. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I've been reporting a bunch of IPs to Spamcop from three IP blocks, and I've never seen them blocked or gotten a response. Am I doing something wrong? The IP blocks in question are: (julio@REDSERVICIO.NET) (hernan@HOSTED.CL) (noc@dedfiber.com) I get an average of 10 mails (combined) per day from these IP blocks, and have been reporting them regularly. However, I never see them blocked in my mail.log from the bl.spamcop.net blocklist. Is there something I can do to help with this? I'm about to just block it in postfix and be done with it.