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    ocn.ad.jp spam

    As a follow up on my post above, I've now filed 300+ reports on 419 scam messages sent from the ocn.ad.jp system. The content of the messages varies but it's clearly coming from one spammer. ocn.ad.jp does nothing about it--I get 1-4 scam messages from them every day. And if you check the Spamcop statistics for the top targets of spam reports, ocn.ad.jp is almost always in the top ten. There are only two logical explanations: either it is an utterly incompetent ISP or it is actively collaborating with 419 scam criminals. I've begged ocn.ad.jp to block any outgoing mail to my Gmail account but they don't respond. I've requested that Gmail blacklist them but didn't get a response to that either. I have a Gmail filter to automatically send any incoming mail from ocn.ad.jp to the trash but the irresponsibility of this slimeball ISP still annoys me.
  2. SteveMetz

    ocn.ad.jp spam

    It's pretty clear this ISP is itself a criminal organization: I've reported an IP address of theirs for sending 419 scam message over 140 times during the past year and it still continues, 3-4 times a day.