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  1. Steven and Wazoo, Thank you for your well considered replies. At this point I am leaving the Maihost configurations alone. I sent an email to deputies [at]spamcop.net and explained, clearly I hope, what I have experienced and where I'm at now. Steve The two spamcop email addresses ARE definitely connected. When I tried to configure Mailhosts on my dad's spamcop account, the mailhosts on my spamcop account changed. Any change in one leads to a change in the other. You both brought up many good points that might assist someone else also, but I am short on time right now. So in brief: We are on seperate computers, networked in the same house through a firewall box. I run 2000pro he XP, I don't think that's a factor Both computers POP mail from spamcop.net. Mail from each ISP account is forwarded to the spamcop accounts. Each account is an ATT account, though my dad's account is under my contract. My dad's account is an attglobal.net, mine comes off the same server, but is rc.ipmail.att.net, unique to me, so maybe it's a proxy, I hadn't thought of that. Both accounts are functioning at this tims, so I will wait for a response from deputies before doing anymore. The reason I even brought this up was that I planned to "administer" the five email addresses of my family so that they had no spam or reports to deal with. I realize there is the "mole" option; however, I want help with the spam suppression process. Thanks for sticking with me, I gained some understanding from the dialogue. Later, Bob
  2. There are two spamcop addresses, my dad's and mine. I purchased them at the same time, so I don't know if that qualifies as one or two accounts. There are also two accounts from the same ISP, except the addresses after the "[at]" are different. In all cases, home ISP and spamcop, our email messages are in different mailboxes. Steve is correct, I wanted someway so that my dad can retrieve his email using outlook express without receiving spamcop reports. He is easily confused, I am apparently not far behind, and I am trying to simplify his receiving email. I had intended to clean his account from the spamcop mail site. The mailhost process on my spamcop account is working fine. Somehow our two spamcop accounts share something, because the same mailhosts show up in my dad's spamcop account as in mine, and I have not configured his account. I can live with the situation as it is. Hopefully I will gain more understanding of the process as I gain experience. Thank you for your patience, I did not realize how confusing much confusion I could make of a simple situation. I will read more about what I am trying to do here before putting forth anymore quiries. I am very glad to have found Spamcop and purchased its services. Respectfully, Bob Crandall
  3. Wazoo, In registering my maihosts, I must have missed something about common ISP's with different accounts. My dad's account is under my ISP account, but his email extension is totally different, i.e. - my[at]extension is not the same as dad[at]extension. My problem or question is NOW, when I went to dad's account to set up his mailhosts I find my mailhosts listed along with my email address in the "Delete Host" box. I want to get the detailed reporting on my dad's spam that I get with mine. Can I add his email address in place off mine, in his account, without botching up both accounts? Thank you for your assistance, please let me know if I should be directing these questions to a specific person or email address. buncle
  4. Thank you for your assistance. I have already sealed my fate by closing out my own mailhost list. I will simply have to service all three accounts, which isn't bad for three, but if I was trying to handle, say ten accounts, and people who were not family, it would be a different story. Thank You, buncle
  5. I have multiple accounts, i.e. - father's, sister's and mine, and want to do the spamcop & mailhost administering from my account. Can i enter their host addresses while logged on to my account? In otherwords, I would like all spancop administrative mail from the three accounts go to mine. If I can do this, do I need to wait until I have their mailhosts registeed before submitting spammail? Thank you, buncle