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    Format suggestion for held mail

    The "Preview" link on "Held Mail" should always open in a new window. If I forget to right click and select the "open in new window" option, it's always painful to get back -> Back button, Page Expired, Click on Resend Information, Garbage Response, click on "Held Mail" again to get a clean response, then I'm at the top of the list again.
  2. A little more detail on why I want this feature, to clear up any confusion. My work computer is behind a firewall so cannot automatically poll the email server. However I do have a personal pop server on this computer which can collect mail forwarded to it. This will notify me immediately when mail arrives. At home I just collect mail directly from the spamcop server. I have a polling program at home which notifies me immediately when mail comes in. This means (if forward/keep a copy worked) I would get my personal mail BOTH at work and at home. Occasionally I'm out of town and in those instances I no longer forward mail to work and I use WebMail to view my mail. This describes the way I'm used to using my personal email account. And now I can't do it this way any more.
  3. Sorry to PO people. I thought Wazoo was on the implementation team, from the way the response was worded. And of course myrealbox is not related to spamcop, although they do recommend spamcop reporting as a solution to spam. I also am aware that forward multiple/keep a copy has been around since the Unix days when all ISPs had a Unix server to configure an account. It seems like a standard feature for a mail server. Although some users could make a mess out of their account by forwarding while keeping a copy locally, a user that knows what they are doing could effectively use this feature. Maybe if it was set (via a checkbox) a popup could warn the user of the pitfalls. I hope that someone on the implemenation team will consider this feature without just writing it off as a means for users to get themselves in trouble. Now I'll have to figure out some complicated scenario with multiple email servers to get things to work like I want. The obvious solution to create a new myrealbox account to receive filtered mail is no longer an option since they don't accept new accounts.
  4. That's just not an acceptable answer. I'm a paying customer and the forward/keep feature is something I'm getting from the FREE MyRealBox service (www.myrealbox.com). There's no possibility of my folder filling up. I pull my mail into my home computer every night. I like having copies of my "home" email at work in case something important comes in. I bought spamcop because i'm sick of spam and i'm tired of the reporting procedure and I wanted spam-free mail. Since I'm paying more I should not have to give up features.
  5. One of the features of my current email provider I depend on is the ability to keep a copy on the server (for home retrieval) but also forward to a server running on my work computer. I would like to use that capability now that I have a spamcop account. On some ISPs I've seen the format user[at]host.com,\user in the "Forward to" field. Will this work on spamcop? How about multiple "forward to" addresses?