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  1. lemj3

    Autoresponse Emails Blocked?

    I may be misunderstanding your response, but there is no problem with reporting spam. The issue is the SpamCop AutoResponse messages are being blocked. Somewhere
  2. lemj3

    Autoresponse Emails Blocked?

    Since my email address is linked to a third-level domain I don't have "an" ISP, multiple servers are involved. Is there any way someone at SpamCop can tell me which server is issuing the bounce message?
  3. Even though I continue to forward spam to SpamCop, I haven't received any messages from SpamCop AutoResponder since August 21. When I login to the website (where I'm able to report the spam) I'm told that autoreponse has stopped because they've been bouncing. The bounce message makes no sense to me (email address munged): Bounce error Your email address, xxxxxx@johnson.name has returned a bounce: Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure) Reason: 5.4.7 - Delivery expired (message too old) '[Errno 54] Connection reset by = I have no problem receiving email from anyone else, including spammers. I click the "Problem resolved" but the issue continues. Mail to me has to go through two mail systems, it would help if the message indicated which server is the blocker.