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  1. I have been reporting spam regularly for years. Since midday April 10 I have not been getting the automatic responses from SpamCop to reports I am sending in. Can someone please advise? Thanks! S.
  2. doc_sandy

    I have been reporting spam for 4 days

    Thanks, Steven - the old RTFM - sorry. Yep - spam Cop had a bounce form me. Bounce flag reset. S.
  3. doc_sandy

    Report another spam? not being asked.

    Thanks so much - I think this is the problem. Sandy
  4. I am used to spam Cop asking me after I report one spam: Report another spam? This then takes me to the next unreported spam, etc. Now it just reports one and I have to back to my email program (or Mailwasher) and click on the next URL etc. until I get them all done. Has something on the spam Cop end changed, or is it something I am doing differently? Appreciate any assistance! Thanks! Sandy
  5. Greetings! I am a subscriber of spam Cop. I just upgraded Mailwasher to the latest version. It transferred all of my previous settings to the new version, but ever since I upgraded, I have not received a single spam Cop autoresponder message (like this): SpamCop is now ready to process your spam. Use links to finish spam reporting (members use cookie-login please!): http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=aabbcc112233_etc I have reported 50 or 60 spams in the past two days since I upgraded, but have not received a single auto responder message back. Can someone please advise me what is happening to my reports, or why they are not getting sent? Sandy
  6. doc_sandy

    Mailwasher Pro not sending spam reports??

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have fixed the problem It was suggested to me that I should go to the SpamCop site and whitelist my mailhost. I did and all is well again. Wazoo, I did try those other steps and my account was "A OK" I thank you for your efforts in assisting me with this. I appreciate it. Sandy
  7. So what do I do? How do I block/blacklist/report a spam which has my address as the sender? Thanks! S.
  8. Thank you so much! Sandy
  9. Well, I am trying to say that in mailwasher, the header shows the email as coming to me from me, so I cannot blacklist it, and I don't *think* I want to report it to SpamCop as spam, since the header is designed to look as if it comes from me. Or is spam cop able to see through that and report it accurately to the appropriate postmasters etc. I just don't want to report myself as a spammer ! Does this help? S.