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    [not receiving reports.]

    The server my Hotmail account is one was slow for a couple days during the period where reprots started to disappear, so that is very likely what happened. Thank you to both of you for your prompt replies. __ David
  2. I use two different addresses to which I forward spam to SpamCop; one for my POP3 accounts, one for my Hotmail account. For some reason all the e-mails I have submitted from Hotmail have not had received any reports back. I did a search through the forums the other day and read that the e-mails likely weren't going through, so I did some testing and confirmed that they are, indeed, going through. In fact, if I forward Hotmail messages to the address I use for my POP3 reporting, I get reports. Sorry if this is discussed elsewhere, but I was unable to find it. I am actually leaving the country in a few days and will be entirely reliant on my Hotmail account, so, needless to say, I am hoping to clear it up soon. Thanks in advance for any help. __ David