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  1. Doing research on eonix and this Spamcop thread is top. At present, we're in a bit of a scrap with this spam-friendly outfit. A non-allocated email address on our domain, created for a special purpose, allowed me to figure that either another company sold their contact list, or was hacked. Of course, they deny either,; but considering the caliber of technical ignorance even the "supervisor" showed, I'm not convinced. Anyhow, courtesy of them, eonix is complicate in a spam campaign against my domain. All domains are registered through Namecheap, some using false info. A BBB complaint is now active, with some hogwash "we take spam reports seriously" (never responded, phone numbers invalid, email adreses in valid). I'm surprised they're still up, still operational, and not blacklisted. I thought ICANN and ARIN took bogus contact info more seriously...