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  1. They got my website name from the spam report sent to them. It was an (automated) link request which listed the my name a couple of times in the message body.

    So what should I do next time? Just delete all references to mysite.com in the header and body?

    I have often wondered about unsubscribe links e.g.


    should I remove myemailaddress from the report as surely this gets sent back to the spammer via the complaint from his ISP?

  2. Are not spam reports sent anonymously?

    I had a call earlier from a person complaining that I had him blacklisted.

    His email message was indeed reported to spamcop and yet a few hours later this guy contacted me!

    How did he know who 'grassed him up'? :D

    Isn't this defeating the object of spam reporting? How best to harvest valid email addresses than to send out spam, wait for the blacklisted reports and see who squealed to the spamcops.