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    Hello, If have just gotten aware of the fact that my company's email server has been blocked by spam cop. This has happened immidiately after sending out our weekly newsletter. What criterias do you have for adding a mailserver to your blocked list, and don't you have some sort of recognization of the reports being false? The fact is, that if you just take all reports of spam for granted, then sending out newsletters will be made impossible by services like yours. GRANTED we mostlikely have individuals on our mailing lists who don't remember signing up, who's email adresses has been entered by friends or who didn't realize that it is legal by european law, to send our newsletters to customers that have purchased a product or service. But these individuals complaints, truely shouldn't count towards being blocked by your spam filter. When you hve approx. 36.000 individuals on your newsletter list, then it's very likely to see at least 1% who don't recognize having signed up for the newsletter. That's a lot of complaints if just half of them complain. What is your attitude towards this? Should it be impossible to send out newsletters in the future, thanks to services like yours? And please answer in this forum because I can't answer any emails, thanks to the fact that you blocked our email server. Kind regards, Simon Secher Kenturi Internet Services Blocked emailserver: gsminside.com / kenturi.com