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  1. Thanks, troops! Things seem to working now. I cleaned everything out and started all over. Still can't figure out what I'd done wrong before, as your suggestions/instructions were what I'd been doing. But I never knew that I was popping from, not to. Old dogs (moi) can learn new tricks! Thanks again!
  2. [can't find an "embarassed" face] I've found the answer to the pop/mail difference on the email setup forum, which i just discovered--my apologies to whoever might be trying to help on that. but i still can't figure out the eudora/return address problem, in case anyone isn't too annoyed to try to help. thanks!
  3. :angry: I can't seem to set up a Eudora "personality" to let me use my spamcop address as my return address and also POP to spamcop to get my mail in one mail-check. Using my ISP address I always POP to spamcop and that works fine; with the same settings but my spamcop return address I always get "ERR login failed." I've tried both pop.spamcop.net and mail.spamcop.net for the pop server and don't understand the difference, but neither works. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!