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  1. acasas

    Mail down

    Is anyone here noticing problems with SpamCop pulling email from external POPs? Mine have stopped working since the DNS issue today.
  2. acasas

    EMail problem?

    I wonder "somewhere" is.... I normally have my "public" email account forward all messages to my spamcop account and none from late yesterday and today (before I turned off forwarding to spamcop) have materialized (including the tests I sent yesterday). Does anyone know of a way to recover these lost messages, wherever "somewhere" may be?
  3. acasas

    EMail problem?

    Any word on the backlog? I am waiting on email (including tests I sent to myself from other accounts) to arrive.
  4. acasas

    Forwarding Problems

    The block was on my account. I do have the option to whitelist, but by address, not IP.
  5. acasas

    Forwarding Problems

    I have an account with pathlink.com tied in with a web site hosting plan. They have implemented as part of their e-mail service something called spam Hippo, which is essentially a spam blocking service for inbound messages. spam Hippo works with whitelists, holding in queue messages from those who do not respond to an automatically sent e-mail prompting them to confirm. When received, the original sender has the option to click a link on the e-mail to verify he or she is "human" and not a spam machine. In doing so, they remove their messages from the queue. After a certain amount of time, if messages are not responded to and released, they are deleted from the queue and recorded as possible spam. (The administrator can also manually delete them.) These deleted entries now become candidates for their newly implemented blacklist. When a user-defined number of deleted entires is recorded, the IP address is added to a black list, further blocking any messages received from the offending IP. Essentially, spam Hippo is working from the assumption that if someone tries to e-mail you several times without responding to the prompt to confirm, the message must be spam. The problem I was running into was that, since some spam slipped past spamcop and eventually made its way to my blacklist, spamcop's IP was recorded as the source of the spam (not the originating IP). That's why my forwarded messages were being blocked. Hope this helps! It is a result of spam Hippo and not Comcast.
  6. acasas

    Forwarding Problems

    Thanks very much for the response Steven! It turns out that my "safe" account had indeed been blocking mails forwarded from the spamcop server. I wasn't aware of it, but my service had recently implemented their own spam filtering, automatically blocking by IP address queued messages I'd deleted (spam that had slipped past spamcop's filter). Because of the forward, spamcop's IP was seen as the spamming server! Irony, no? Thanks again for the advice.
  7. Hello All, Recently I've been having problems with spamcop forwarding e-mail. I have a heavily spammed e-mail account that forwards to spamcop. After filtering, spamcop then forwards to another "safer" account (on the same server as the first account). Today, no messages forwarded from spamcop have been going through (either forwarded manually through the web client or as automatically set in options/fowarding). I have even tried composing a message directly to no avail. Is there something wrong with the spamcop mail server? I've tried e-mailing my "safe" account from other accounts directly with success. It's just when a message is relayed through spamcop it gets lost. Any ideas? I would prefer to keep my current system of relaying/filtering and not have to access my e-mail via the web. Thanks in advance, Arvin PS - I have also been receiving several spam e-mails using my primary e-mail address as sender. Could this be related to the above mentioned forwarding problems? (FYI - When I do send from my primary to my spamcop account, it does show up as received and not filtered out.)
  8. Thanks very much! This seems to work well (though, to prevent myself from repetitive stress injury, I had to change my view preferences so I could select and report my 800+ messages at one go). Is the other method of reporting no longer available?
  9. Thanks for the reference link, but as you said, it's not quite a direct answer to the problem. To be more specific, here's what's going on: Spamcop sends me a Held Report e-mail with a long list of messages, which I view on my e-mail client (not through the web mail reader). I click on the "Report spam" link. After logging in to my account, the web page I'm presented (which normally has the same long list of held messages in the e-mail) is completely blank, leaving me no option to report or clear my held messages. Anyone else having this problem?
  10. In the last few days I haven't been able to report any held mail. I receive my daily list of held mail, but when I click through to the site, the list is always empty (nothing to select to report or process). Any suggestions? Any fixes?