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    Blocked again

    Hi all, Thanks for your help and patience. I've sent a mail to sign up for third party reports and will try to get my datacenter (thePlanet.com) guys to allow me to receive administrative reports for my IPs. Yes, I think I had better check if the server's been compromised, while I'm at it. Doesn't hurt to check more, but does hurt to check less Thanks a lot Ankur
  2. ankur

    Blocked again

    Hi, I'm sorry for not being clear. I am running a mail server too and people that host with us get access to the POP and SMTP server too. In this case, one of them has been sending spam. Someone reported this spam and spamcop added my IP address ( to the blocked list. From the link http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=blcheck&ip= this has happened 3 times. Now, I understand that spamcop doesn't and can't block any server. It's the servers that use spamcop's blocked list that block out mails from my IP. I'm not blaming spamcop or the ISPs that use the spamcop blocked list (I apologize if the wording of my first post implied this) So, let me explain what happened this time round: Firstly, I got to know that spam was being sent from my server when I couldn't send mails to some addresses and received a link to spamcop in the mail delivery failure message. When I checked at that time, my IP had been listed 2 times in 5-6 days or so. So, I setup better mail logging and waited. When the user spammed again, I was able to figure out who it was and warned them (next step is to terminate their account, if they spam again). As you can see, I got to know about the spam situation after it was reported 2 times in 5-6 days and was able to catch them after another round of spamming. I was wondering if there is a quicker way - if I could get the email headers of the mail when spam from my IP is reported, I could check my logs and get to the bottom of the problem faster. I don't care about the TO and CC headers - just the FROM, timestamp and subject. As I understand it, spamcop does send spam reports. So, my question is how can I signup to start receiving spam reports for ? Thanks in advance. Ankur Edit: I'm also aware that if the user doesn't spam again, my IP will be delisted in 48 hours.
  3. ankur

    Blocked again

    Hi, I'm a webhost and my server has been blocked again by spamcop. I haven't received any of the spam mails or headers from spamcop and so, can't even start locating the spammer. Does anyone know how I can get this information? Ankur