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    [Resolved] New Look for SpamCop

    I looked all over for a place to send feedback on the "new look" and found it nowhere. I'm not fond of forums because I don't want to have to follow a forum to get my answers. I guess spammy stolen our support via email, I'm one to know having blocked and reported over 20,000 spams so far this year with an average of 4hrs. I already expend more than I can afford fighting the bad guy I have feedback on the new look, I hope it gets to the right place The new look is "ok" I guess (like the old better) but if I have to live with it, I would like it to fill my 1024x768 screen like the old did. There's alot of wasted screen border space now as it looks like it's fixed to a size suitable for a 800x600 screen I'd also like to be able to quick delete and report more than 100 at a time Bob