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    New Look Browser Issues

    Been using the free reporting service for a while now and it's always worked well. However, starting about two days ago, am unable to complete the reporting process for reasons not understood. What happens is: (1) get a spam message and report it to SpamCop via e-mail; (2) SpamCop responds w/an e-mail containing an URL to connect to to actually send the spam reports to the involved parties; (3) click on the URL, the web browser attempts to load the reporting page ... and it never completes the process. Have to force quit the browser to regain control of it. Using Entourage 10.1.4 and Explorer 5.2.3 on an eMac G4-1GHz/1GB/80GB running Mac OS 10.3.4. A "weirdity" ... Safari will connect up to the reporting URL w/no problem; Explorer will not even connect to "http://www.spamcop.net/" w/out hanging up. Seems to be an Explorer problem. Have reinstalled it w/a fresh download after trashing all the old preferences, etc. .. no different. Also have done all the normal Mac maintenance stuff (checked permissions, etc.) and, again, no help. Would prefer to continue using Explorer. Any ideas on how to make it work again?