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    Ridding the universe of SPAM!
  1. RPMcCormick

    Link in the Welcome Topic

    Suggestion: Instead of saying the appropriate forum - why not be explicit and point people there. In fact - I believe you can also embed a link directly to that forum or topic ... Feel free to delete this post if you don't want it tagging along with your announcement!
  2. Ellen wrote: well good - I need help :-) How does one see a list of all the posts in a topic and which ones I have read and not read? i.e. I am looking for a tree structure with the ones I haven't read in bold (or red or italics or blinkies or something) ... Yea, it is a lot different than NNTP and OE ... I heavily make use of the watch feature in OE and marking messages in the SpamCop groups. Not sure how that kind of thing works in here ... additionally ... I'm going to guess that at some point, the number of posts to a topic is going to cause an overflow - and then we'll have multiple pages of posts. <do I even have a clue as to where this is going to post? no -- is there a way to see what I am replying to?> (but I don't know what ph34r means) If you click on ADD REPLY to a topic, it will just take what you type in a window and put it on the bottom of the thread. If you click on the Quote for a specific post in a thread - it will take that post, quote it (ugly boxes right now) and then take whatever you enter - correctly bottom posting your comments ... and adding it to the end of the topic. Looks like there's no threading involved: its just a topic and a zero or more serial replies under that topic. I guess for the groups that may/will come here ... that seems to be OK IMO.
  3. OK - no problem ... was successful at posting a reply to yours - and deleting that. That should be good enough!
  4. Hmmm ... why can't I delete my own posting, especially if nobody has responded to it?
  5. Don't need any help right now ... just making a post to see if the pinned post stays put at the top of the forum list.