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  1. Rather than bother my friends at the IS department over a trivial (to them) issue, I took a few minutes to stop by work, run Outlook and paste the complete email into the appropriate page. I got a successful response. I went home and tested it on a spam that came in, and it worked properly.
  2. Good point. I'm well known to the tech folks, as I am the "champion" for my site--the one they expect to hear from when there's a problem I can't quickly and easily solve. But before I do, I try to gather as much information as I can to help THEM solve the problem. If I can propose a solution, they are often appreciative. From what I have been told, a LOT of spam never makes it to my work email account. It's not a big problem for me, but I like to be agressive in reporting the few that get past their filters. I work at a school, after all. I just find it awfully curious that every message delivered to my work maibox gets forwarded home EXCEPT for the spamcop mailhost configuration messages. I'll call in a "ticket" tomorrow morning.
  3. I currenty have all email received at work forwarded to my home email account. All is being forwarded (with full headers, even) EXCEPT the test messages used to register the mailhost. The mailhost at work is an exchange server with web access. The test messages are there (I can see them using web access), but of course, there is no way I can view/copy the full headers in order to continue the registration process. I have no idea why spamcop mailhost test messages to my work account are getting delivered but not forwarded. All other messages delivered (including spam) get forwarded with no delay. Any ideas? I'm not scheduled to return to work until Aug 20, or I could probably run Outlook (behind our firewall) and manually forward the messages home--or set up a rule--or something. Meanwhile, I can't report spam received at work and forwarded home.