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  1. so, i've been using spamcop webmail for the past couple of years exclusively. now i want to start receiving that filtered mail at a gmail address. so i put the forwarding address into the appropriate blank in the settings area, and it works ... for new incoming mail. but i have around 1000 old messages in my spamcop inbox that i want to punt over to the new address also -- all at once, if possible. i tried the thing where you select multiple messages and say "forward," but not only does this consolidate them all into one message, when they are accessed at the destination mailbox, the sender appears to be myself at spamcop.net, not the original sender. it would be really sweet if gmail was able to pop from spamcop, but i think it's only capable of *being* popped to somewhere else. does anyone know how to go about this? --amanda
  2. so, naturally i'm very happy with my spamcop e-mail account for the combination of great filtering and flexibility of use (ie: POP3, IMAP, and webmail). but i recently began to wish i had a convenient option available to hotmail and yahoo users. see, MSN messenger and yahoo messenger are synchronized with users' hotmail and yahoo e-mail accounts, respectively, meaning that whenever these chat applications are running (in my case, all the time, in the background), they are waiting to play a noise not only if the user receives an instant message, but also if an e-mail arrives. (while it is nice that spamcop's webmail interface can be set to display a popup when new mail arrives, this type of notification requires the site to be open in a browser window all day, as opposed to running in the background until needed, which i prefer.) so... in order to take advantage of the convenience offered by yahoo's instant messenger, i would like to have my spamcop e-mail forwarded to my yahoo account, BUT i also want to be able to see it at the spamcop webmail site and download it to my home computer directly from the POP server. how can i set spamcop e-mail to forward only copies of my messages, rather than delete them off of the server upon forwarding? (this is nice and easy when configuring a POP3 mail client, but i don't know how to go about it in this case...) i'll bet somebody can tell me what to do, right?