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  1. Interestingly enough, currently says "Searching for A record at J.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. Reports no A records (NXDOMAIN). 208ms." and "Sorry, I could not continue.", my local tools cannot find domain in DNS, and is now showing "Host (checking ip) IP not found ; discarded as fake." and "Cannot resolve". Ask your ISP why you can resolve, possibly including results of a dig or nslookup command sent to your ISP's nameservers. OTOH, consider that eNom still has registered, and eNom's nameservers like are still returning results as follows when queried with dig:
  2. I'd go with "Send As Is" as well.
  3. Please see my new additional suggestion at
  4. It's now time to add to this request similar OCR scanning for SpamCop Email System Customers before SpamAssassin, so that SpamAssassin (and perhaps later content filtering apps) can read and recognize all the P&D buzzwords, and score accordingly. Keywords: Optical Character Recognition Pump&Dump Pump and Dump
  5. That's a fine workaround, but the part of the page that is supposed to actually DISPLAY the link to or or is still missing, and therefore broken. And no, there is no link to on either (for example).
  6. You might then be interested in or perhaps one of the other projects on
  7. Some servers can, they issue a 500-series error message for the dot (that terminates DATA).
  8. Do you mean or a different one? No, it wasn't. It may have been listed by the SCBL, but the SCBL is a "Blocking List", not a "black list". You may or may not (probably not, in the case of email to spamtraps). After you have read the "Why am I Blocked" FAQ. Current evidence suggests that the reason why is for sending mail to spamtraps, probably UUBE. What reason(s) was/were listed yesterday on Because 24 hours passed after the last infraction. That's how the SCBL works. You'd have found that out if you'd read the SCBL FAQ. You're welcome.
  9. I parsed your example with a non-Mailhosted account, resulting in Tracking URL, which gave me the following: What Tracking URL did you try to use?
  10. The feature you mentioned, although titled "Report History", is more properly called the "View recent reports" feature, which can be accessed via the "View recent reports" Link on the "Past Reports" Tab, or directly via,, or (depending on which site you're using). My account is experiencing the same symptom, in that only the first page shows up, and there is no link available for viewing subsequent pages (of older Reports). More specifically, there is absolutely nothing but a newline between the last 'No reports filed</div>' and '<div id="footer">'. I have just emailed a SpamCop Admin via service[at] to look into this issue for us.
  11. No, but that's been preventing notifications to you and/or your admins of problems. OK, here's one: stop sending UUBE.
  12. In my case (using OE6), it is recording the machine name, which I understand OE6 typically uses in its HELO greeting. And I couldn't get OE6's SSL to work with it. Other than that, it works just great!
  13. BTW, please be aware of the info on;submit.y=13 and .
  14. As soon as you change something and click the "Modify" Button bringing you to or, the SpamCop Email System should start POPping your email, or throwing an Error. It should take no more than 15 minutes. You did configure your Gmail account to allow you to POP from it, right?
  15. That's great, but please make sure that you still implement all of the aliases required of you by RFC2142.