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  1. There is an issue with registrations at present - the "unique security code" isn't being displayed. We have a technician on-site working on the problem, and we regret the inconvenience.
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    [Resolved] Registration Issue

    There was an issue with registrations - the "unique security code" wasn't being displayed. We have backed out the configuration change, and we regret the inconvenience.
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    Welcome one and all to the Announcements!
  4. I received a Personal Message using this system from JT. I replied to it. Then, I wanted to save it. I had no appropriate Folder, so I created a Folder and named it "Saved". I then selected "Saved" below the message, checked the checkbox to the right of the message, and clicked the "move to" button. Sure enough, a copy of the message was placed in my "Saved" Folder. However, the original was still in my Inbox. Once I deleted the original, the copy was still in my "Saved" folder. Therefore, I must assume that "move to" really means "copy to" in the Personal Message context. Please either fix the functionality or rename the button.