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  1. Jeff G.

    FAQ Entry: The Link Analysis Process

    You may contact 'the powers that be' via the SpamCop Deputies and SpamCop Admin.
  2. Jeff G.

    [Resolved] Blocked but not in list???

    I suggest that you call GoDaddy's Tech Support at that number or email their Customer Support via support[at]supportwebsite.com for clarification.
  3. Jeff G.

    Reporting Myself!?

    Please post a Tracking URL or two that we may examine. Thanks!
  4. Jeff G.

    Email reporting failures

    In summary, you attempted your submission by sending your message from shaggy1.syntellect.com [] to mk-cpfrontend.uk.tiscali.com (mk-cpfrontend-3.mail.uk.tiscali.com []), which either by itself or after attempting delivery to vmx1.spamcop.net or vmx2.spamcop.net decided to send you a "Delivery Status Notification" which stated "Failed; 5.7.1 (delivery not authorized, message refused)". Please ask the administrators of mk-cpfrontend.uk.tiscali.com (mk-cpfrontend-3.mail.uk.tiscali.com []), uk.tiscali.com, and/or tiscali.com why this would be happening and what they plan to do about it, and copy service[at]admin.spamcop.net on your request. Also, please see the second paragraph of my posting http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...indpost&p=27444 concerning revealing your confidential submit address at spam.spamcop.net. Thanks!
  5. Jeff G.

    Additional notes get deleted

    This behavior appears to happen with going back to any page when your browser decides to get the page from the server again rather than displaying from its cache. It can do this for any of the following reasons: You have taken too much time before going back. You have browsed too many other places before going back (there is no longer a cached copy to go back to). You have configured your browser to "Check for newer versions of stored pages: Every visit to the page" (Tools / Internet Options / General Tab / Temporary Internet Files / Settings... / Check for newer versions of stored pages: Every visit to the page in IE6), possibly because you have broadband and very scant disk space. You have configured your browser to "Check for newer versions of stored pages: Automatically" (Tools / Internet Options / General Tab / Temporary Internet Files / Settings... / Check for newer versions of stored pages: Automatically in IE6) and the webmaster has configured that page not to be cacheable. I think this applies to the parse pages.
  6. Jeff G.

    why, we need your help

    Why? The canonical reference to that Topic is why, we need your help.
  7. Thanks, what about its-ap-dnsadmins[at]hudson.com?
  8. Jeff G.

    Can I modification and delete topic?

    Regular Members may only modify their own Topics and content, only within 120 minutes.
  9. Don, thanks for the analysis. I suggest an "iwon bizarro format" workaround on the Parser end.
  10. While talking to hhmail1.hhgroup.com:
  11. Jeff G.

    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    Due to the discussion in the last few pages, I am renaming this Topic from "Yahoo Groups Blacklisted" to "Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted".
  12. Jeff G.

    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    Not I. I try to sign my work.
  13. Yes, but please keep in mind that all of bigfoot's mailservers are in South Korea, so if you use a service that blocks or even tags email from South Korean IP Addresses, you will be shooting yourself in the (big)foot. BTDT.
  14. Jeff G.

    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    Well, you can keep retrying, as I don't think all of Yahoo!'s mailservers are listed by the SCBL. Report History for shows about 11-20 incidents, all spamtrap hits. Yahoo! needs to invest lots more time and money in policing its systems and users.
  15. Yes, you could and I think you should.
  16. The problem here is that something is introducing what appear to be blank lines into the entire message, including the Header Lines. Exactly what program are you using to access the entire message, and exactly how are you then transferring the entire message to SpamCop's Parser? Thanks!
  17. One email address per unique "Received ... by hostname" is all that is required.
  18. You also need to make sure that the admins of "SMTPD32-8.15" on "server17.wowrack.com" configure it to announce its name in its Received Header Line and in its HELO as "server17.wowrack.com" rather than just "server17".
  19. Jeff G.

    Spamcop after virus / spyware attack

    Please also see http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=38752. Thanks!
  20. Right, and they were ignorant of RFCs 812 and 954 when they did that while those RFCs were in effect between March 1982 and September 2004. And many of their customers were (and some still are) properly listed by whois.rfc-ignorant.org.
  21. Jeff G.

    Spamcop after virus / spyware attack

    No, I meant what I wrote, in the spirit of the original STAR WARS movie. Any further discussion of this should be in the SpamCop Lounge.
  22. Registrars should provide the capability for "no fax number" rather than forcing an incorrect obviously fake/bogus fax number down your throat.
  23. Jeff G.

    Spamcop after virus / spyware attack

    You're welcome. "Good luck, Jim!" and "May the Force be with you!".
  24. Jeff G.

    Spamcop after virus / spyware attack

    The other computer will also need WEP set up if you want it to connect wirelessly.
  25. Jeff G.

    Spamcop after virus / spyware attack

    If by that you mean that the number represents outgoing connection attempts from your PC, then yes, your PC has the problem. Have you seen Suggested Free Security Tools and Apps for Windows and run PepiMK's CoolWWWSearch.SmartKiller removal tool, CWShredder, Microsoft Update, Microsoft Office Update, Ad-Aware, Stinger, SpywareBlaster, and HiJackThis?