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    Blocked Email

    Hi, Chris, ...IIUC, this isn't Chris's (the OP) problem. It appears to me that (s)he's "thinking that since [hir] e-mail started being blocked about the time [(s)he] reported this, that [hir] being blocked is somehow associated with [hir] having submitted this report". Still awaiting a reply to my earlier post.... yes turetzsr, i think my email started being blocked the same week this other report showed up. thats why i think it has something to do with my email being blacklisted. Also i havent been able to be report any messages (due to my current limited internet access) for at least a month and a half. This report (you will notice is over 30 days old) but it showed up online the last week in June, the same time my email started getting blocked.
  2. chaosonline

    Blocked Email

    Yes, i know that that email listed is of one i reported more than 30 days ago. of spam i recieved. I cant figure out why my mail is being blocked, but that website, which appears to be from an italian spam reporting service, is from the 5th week in june, about the same time i started having problems with my mail. That is why i think it might be the problem. I also understand im not listed in the spamcop list, but is there another list that could have me listed? and how would i find out which one? Chris
  3. chaosonline

    Blocked Email

    I have had my outgoing emails started to be blocked although im not sure what happened. I read here it may have been because of spam messages i have submitted. Any idea how to find out where i am getting blocked or how to become unblocked. email being blocked is chris[at]chaosonline.com the only thing i could find was this on the web http://listserv.nic.it/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind04...&F=&S=&P=164837 Thankyou in advance Chris