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  1. I saw an article where Bill Gates was suggesting that it should be made hard for computers to send mail - for instance something about solving puzzles.

    Just sounds like a way to slow down sending email and not really very well thought out. Really missed the point because the spammers could either just buy more machines or more to the point just take over more 'zombies' which would sit away chugging sending mail.

  2. Some email programs DO let you change the ports that are used for sending (SMTP - normally port 25) and receiving (POP3 - normally port 110) email - I am pretty sure Outlook / Outlook Express both do.

    If the program does not have a box you can change the port in try changing the POP3 server host name - for instance if it now says:


    Try changing it to - pop3.your-isp.com:new-port-number - for example:


  3. Some ISP's only let you 'send' out as certain email addresses - usually the one they gave you!

    Obviously this causes major headaches if you have your own domain name or want to use _any_ other email address.

    Try contact them and see if they will allow other addresses - but failing sign up with one of the public authenticated SMTP mail services. I use AuthSMTP because they would let me use my own email addresses and allowed a reasonable message 'size' (I need to send fairly large attachments).

    Hope you get it sorted!