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  1. To anyone who can help: I subscribe to an ISP called totalnet, a subsidiary of inter.net canada in Montreal, Canada. My company started using Spamcop in Dec 2003 to block spams. I belong to an e-mail list whose address is dyspraxia[at]yahoogroups.com. On a number of occasions Spamcop mistook this as spam, causing the messages to bounce back to the list's server. The server is set to throw people whose posts bounce off the list. Because of this problem, I am denied membership to the list, which is a support group I joined because of a neurological disability. Is there any way to get Spamcop to make sure dyspraxia[at]yahoogroups.com is never blacklisted? I tried contacting the tech support people at my ISP, but get nowhere with them. They aren't too good about helping clients out. Thanks Marla