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    Thank you. While I agree with much of what you said these people agreed to get these emails. They are expecting them, however some are mislabeling them as spam. My real issue is that when I try and communicate this to SpamCop I cant get a message to them. Once I type it all in, I do the bot check which fails each and every time with the error I mentioned. It asks me for very simple things like T 7 D or TGFR to verify I am not a bot and it does not work so I was looking for suggestions on how to contact themm because the option they give me is broken. Thank you
  2. George Moje

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    Thank you, however my issue is that I cannot communicate my issue to Spamcop. I'm not trying to submit an IP to get off a list. My issue is our emails are not spam. Some users are mistakenly marking them as such putting us on your blacklist. We are required to send these on behalf of our stakeholders. Our lists are up to date. Below is a brief explanation from our Corp Trust services Division about these emails. I can be reached directly at 508-649-9039 if needed to elaborate further. Thank you George Moje Computershare 508-649-9039 "Emails are broadcasts that are sent to MBS Issuers notifying them of MBS funds due and the amount that they will have to wire to our bank by the date stated on the broadcast. This broadcast serves as an important reminder for a large amount of high value wires that we are expecting from the Issuer/client. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks," Angelina Yeh Payment Officer > MBS - Corporate Trust Services
  3. George Moje

    Failed Captcha

    Good morning, I have tried multiple times to send info out regarding getting off the Blacklist only to have a Failed Captcha error over and over. Simple letters like T D 7 which I enter as asked to are failing. Please advise. Thank you