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  1. i tested both normal and quick reporting and everything is working now. Thanks for Your assistance. Best regards, Goran
  2. Strange thing. I added my mailhost again and nothing changed: domains were the same, IPs were the same, but then there was an info about blocked quick reporting. I enabled it and now it's working. What befuddled me was that normal forwarding also didn't work. I have to test it, I only tested quick forward. Will report after test. Best regards, Goran
  3. Hi, For quite some time now my reports via quick.XXX produce no response. No error, no unreported spam on site, nothing. Mail forwarded to submit.XXXX sometimes gives "report spam" but mostly nothing. My system: Mac OS X 10.11.6, Apple Mail 9.3, simple "Forward as Attachment" from the menu, mailhosts are the same for couple of years now... Any suggestions? Best regards, Goran