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    Why are friends blocked?

    Thanks for answering so promptly. Unfortunately, my wife deleted the emails that contained the links and error message. Only 2 or 3 friends have been blocked so far. Others seem to get through to us. As soon as one of the "undeliverable" messages shows up I'll be glad to post it. Regards, Frank
  2. Recently some friends that I correspond with on a regular basis have been blocked. The email notification that was sent to me contained a link which led me to SpamCop. I do not and have not ever subscribed to this service. I haven't even heard of it before now. I contacted my provider, which is Patriot Media. They told me that they were not using this or any other service to block emails. I use a Macintosh Computer running OSX - my mail program is called just plain Mail and my browser is Safari. I've checked my preferences and found nothing that indicates that the program itself is blocking normal correspondence. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?