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    Filter out foriegn TLD's

    It seems that most spam comes from foreign TLD's..seeing I (like many others) do not regularly communicate with people in china, russia, korea etc is there a way to filter mail so you only get the TLD's you love and know (COM, NET, ORG, GOV!!, INFO) plus maybe a way to add friendlys..(CO.UK) java scri_pt:emoticon('',%20'smid_18')
  2. I have e-mail accounts fwd to SPAMCOP and have used and paid for this service for many years. The new system allowed me to do the set up, but all my last held mails which were reported have now shown up as coming through my domain. I make a living through this ISP and my web server business (HOSTITO) and now I am possibly going to be shut down for spamming. The interface for setting reporting is too cumbersome, I cannot figure out why I am now the bad guy! or how to prevent this problem in the future. Help appreciated Andy Evans