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    Parsing HTML part error

    Yeap. (I just cancelled the re-submited one). I'll just do that, too. Thanks, -l
  2. lb6

    Parsing HTML part error

    Ok, I finally found a way for the parser to take it, completely removing the bogus outer MIME part and adapting the headers' Content-Type accordingly. Anyway, do you think it's more likely to be - buggy MIME handling from spammer's stupid software - trick from spammy to avoid reports - anything else? Thanks for the help. -l
  3. lb6

    Parsing HTML part error

    Thanks, I missed that. However, I fixed the missing closing MIME and resubmit: error stays. Any other idea?
  4. Hi all, Submitting this report, the parser gave me the classical couldn't parse head error. Of course, - my submission is full and untouched - I don't use outlook My understanding is that the parser is complaining about the html (base64 encoded) lack of <head> element. I did a little research, but never saw a message about this problem. Am I missing the point? I think bogus html spam needs correct parsing and reporting, don't you (tinu)? Thanks for your lights, -l