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  1. Why would I be joking, the reason was based of several things that I read on this board. Someone that put their mail server in found that the address and name listed was what someone else put in. My suggestion would be to allow the postmaster of a mail server be the one to set the name of that mail server in the spamcop records plus any other additions that you may add that is specific to the mail server. I don't see where this could become a problem. The owner, i.e., postmaster, should be the one that control the information for their server. This is much the same as how abuse records are setup with abuse.com. Would there be a usefull reason for the owner of the mail server to see everyone that has put records into the spamcop database for their server? And would it be usefull to allow for the removal or blocking of any of those addresses? Just asking:) My other question was about using tags, "user+tag[at]domain.com", part of an e-mail address that many mail servers support. Will the tags effect spamcop in anyway? I use them to track where a spammer got the e-mail address from since they really don't know if everything starting with the "+" is really part of the e-mail address or a tag so most leave it in.
  2. Don't know what happen to my other post but I'll try one here. I think I have this down but I have a couple of suggestions. 1) Only thing I don't like is that all of the e-mail addresses that I enter don't showup in a list. I'd like to see that changed as it would be more user friendly. 2) I'd like to see the ability to pass control of the mailhost record to the postmaster of that mail host. That way they could make changes as required since this is a shared record among all users. Registering the postmaster would be a start. Once that address is verified that user would then be the controlling user.
  3. I'm still confused. I run my own mail server and have several addresses on that server. When I read the FAQ it says to put in all addresses. In other places it seems to say only one. One does not make since. I would think you need to enter them all. In another place I think I read to enter them all but only the last will show. Which is it. If only one will show how would we ever be able to be sure which ones we put in??? If only one is needed how would you know that our other, using that same server, are valid addresses you should allow. Questions: 1) Do we put in ALL e-mail addresses server by the same mail server? 2) If 1 is yes will you update the web site so we can see all of the e-mail addresses server by a given server and allow us to add and delete as required? 3) If 1 is no then how would you ever know that the other e-mail addresses belong to us? I see no way that you would. Another point I think you need to look at. There is a common way to "TAG" e-mail addresses by putting a "+" between the user name and the tag, i.e., user+tag[at]domain.com, that several mail server use. I think that there is even a RFC to covers it but I'd have to check that. Although you most likely want to not always remove the "+tag" from the e-mail address when doing checks you should have an option per e-mail address or per server to have spamcop remove any tags when it does compairs. I know on my mail server this is at the server level so that should be fine. This way if I report a spam message that contains user+tag[at]domain.com you would do the checks for user[at]domain.com. John