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  1. I have a paid Spamcop account and have for years. In recent years, I've gotten quite hooked on the Spamcop webmail system (I used to read all my mail on my own server, using PINE). The thing is, with a *nix system, I know how to set up a little "vacation" scri_pt that will notify people when I've gone away for a few days. I have no idea how to do it on Spamcop's webmail system, or if it's even possible. I'm not planning on going away any time soon, but I just wanted to ask for future reference, is there a way to set up an autoresponder thingy to let people know I'm AFK for a few days (and yes, I do get mail from people who are impatient sometimes; I try to let them know ahead of time that I'll be going, but sometimes I forget or miss someone). Any suggestions? If it's not do-able, I can live with it. I just thought I'd ask. bonni
  2. Complete article: http://www.silicon.com/research/specialrep...39127148,00.htm (I don't post here often at all, but I do lurk and read quite a bit ) bonni
  3. bonni

    Updated Look and Feel for SpamCop.Net

    You can. Look in the upper right-hand corner of the pages: Text Size - + Also, if you're using a CSS2 compliant browser (such as Firefox), there is an option on the bottom "chrome" of the browser to change the font sizes. bonni
  4. bonni

    New Spam Trick?

    We have our own server and my husband frequently checks the logs regarding incoming and outgoing mail, including bounces and rejected mail. He's discovered that spammers will apparently just "guess" at names and send blindly to "randomname"[at]domain so we had to turn off the usual acceptance of "username [at] domain". Kind of a pain, really, as we now have to specifically set up each and every email address in the mail alias file, but the spammers always make everything more difficult and more annoying in their ever-growing quest for ways to pour their crap into people's inboxes. *sigh* They also, for what it's worth, send mail to "common" names like "service", "webmaster", "sales", "info", "support" and so forth. None of my many domains has those set up, although of course "postmaster" and "root" will work for all of them (for some reason, the spammers seem somewhat hesitant to use those, not sure why). bonni
  5. Excellent, thanks. I'll go try this now and report back as to how it went. [...] Perfect. Works fine, zip and all. bonni
  6. I've been poking around in the options and settings in the webmail system, but I can't find anything that appears to be what I'm looking for. Basically, I'd like to be able to download the entire contents of a given folder for archival purposes (and then I could delete the stuff that's on Spamcop's server, as well). Is there a moderately easy way to do this? Just point in the right direction, please. bonni
  7. bonni

    attaching photos

    Well, I played around with it a bit this afternoon and it seems to be fine now. So, I dunno. Next time it happens, I will report the problem, though, for sure. bonni
  8. bonni

    attaching photos

    Just a quick comment... I've never gotten attachments of any kind of file to work properly. I've tried .txt, .jpg, .gif, .zip, etc., and while it appears to be attaching it and says it did, the recipient never gets it. On the rare occasions when I did want to send on some attachement, I did save it to my hard drive and then send it on using Eudora (which is how I send all messages that require an attachment). I haven't worried about it too much because I don't really send attachments that often that it's an issue for me, but I'm sure it's quite frustrating for many others. Next time I have occasion to send an attachment or when I have some time to mess around with testing it, I'll note the times and circumstances and send them on to support so they can look at it. bonni
  9. Thank you, Dave. That did the trick! I don't know how/when the checkbox got un-tickecd, but it works now. Many thanks, and I wish I'd asked sooner! LOL! bonni
  10. For some time now, I've been unable to create new folders in Webmail. The exact error is: The folder "Lists" was not created. This is what the server said: Invalid mailbox name I've tried it with different folder names (of course), and it doesn't make a difference. It's been this way for some weeks, but after the first several failed attempts I thought I'd just wait and see if it sorted itself out or was transient, but it appears to be something that needs administrative attention. I've been able to create folders in the past. I'm unsure when the change took place, as I don't often create folders, but it's been at least a few weeks. I suspect it may be a file permission problem, but that's only a guess. My spamcop username is the same as my username here, i.e., bonni at spamcop dot net Thanks for any help you can provide. bonni