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    Listed mailservers

    I winded up using this solution, the ISP ended up handing me all there mailserver ip adresses. Thanks for you effort.
  2. steni31

    Listed mailservers

    Then i could check this list every 5 min. with a scri_pt searching for the ISP postmaster adress?? Then whitelist the IP if found...??
  3. steni31

    Listed mailservers

    Ups, this list: http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=inprogress
  4. steni31

    Listed mailservers

    unfortunately my mailserver software doesn't not support filtering only lookups and throw away. What about this list, does this list not contain the newest mailservers acused of spaming?
  5. steni31

    Listed mailservers

    Hi, We use bl.spamcop.net for spam checking. Unfortunately some large Danish ISP's sometimes wind up in the spamcop database, this causes my mail servers to throw away e-mail which is okay. Do you have a list of your listed mailservers with rdns hostname listed also that way i can search this list with a scri_pt? Thanks in advance.