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    SpamCop is damaging my business

    No rant. Spamcop is damaging not only mine, but other people's businesses as well. It simply is against a US Federal Law to tinker with others' legitimate e-mail messages. If spamcop wanted to set up a reasonable business they would have had to provide a valuable and trustable service, not something that just "shot in the pile" at random. Set a proper working sistem and THEN start up a business. This is a simple rule of thumb if you want to have a successful business. I will only provide details of my servers in a private e-mail; spamcop.net should be so kind to conatct me directly and I will give them all the needed details to solve this nasty misunderstanding. No rant, just legitimate and lawful business non one can disrupt. Francesco
  2. Hi, I am a freelance translator Spamcop is blocking my legitimate e-mail and I cannot communicate with my american client agency. Spamcop is indeed damging my business and I demand that my e-mail addresses be removed from spamcop blocking list, since I do only send lawful and legitimate and legal mail through which I communicate with my clients. You are damaging my business and I demand you to remove me from your listing at once. Francesco :angry: