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  1. Your email to support[at] was the correct direction. THere is only 1 admin however, and sometimes he is caught in the computer room, not able to connect with the outside world (cell phone does not work in the "bunker" currently housing the webmail servers.

    It does appear to be working through backlog. My test emails have been received and the few things at spamcop have also shown up.

    Things do not appear to be fixed here. Not popping my USF or Roadrunner accounts, some which are the only two I have left on spamcop. The weird thing is it appeared to be working yesterday, when these problems were reported, and even as early this morning (according to the time stamp in some held spam) but as of this moment 43 errors each to previously working accounts. Errors message is "Unknown error 10" and "cannot contact server"

  2. Another update:

    I just received a test message in my Inbox which was sent from one of my other accounts a few minutes ago.

    Things could be improving.  Old mail is probably still being queued somewhere.


    Things are not improving here! I get an internal server error when I try to get to the site. I used http://webmail.spamcop.net/. Any other way to get in?

    It would be nice if one of the folks with some kind of authority could post WHEN THE SYSTEM SHOULD BE BACK IN SERVICE.