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  1. Mr_Wizard

    Problem with Hotmail/Outlook.com parsing

    Hello. Yes, when I first noticed the problem a few months back, I deleted my Hotmail address from SpamCop's mailhosts and reran the setup steps. It didn't fix the problem, but in case something's changed I've just done it again. Will see what happens. I note that of the servers listed by SpamCop, two of the mx*. addresses were unticked by default, though the instructions indicated that ticking everything would increase accuracy so I've done that. Interestingly, I've only received four "account configuration email" messages from SpamCop, though it said it would send five. I'm a little surprised more users aren't jumping in on the conversation - does that mean everyone else can successfully submit spams received to Hotmail addresses, and we're the only ones experiencing the issue; or no-one else is actually trying this? I barely use it myself these days (was amused to find it had sent all notifications from this thread straight to Junk.)
  2. Mr_Wizard

    Problem with Hotmail/Outlook.com parsing

    I have the same problem. SpamCop always wants to report spam sent to my Hotmail account to Hotmail itself. I'll try this workaround next time, but is there anyone from SpamCop who can comment?