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  1. It seems quite a few people are hacked off with that IP address ☹️ IP Abuse Reports for This IP address has been reported a total of 407 times from 94 distinct sources. was first reported on December 2nd 2017, and the most recent report was 3 hours ago. https://www.abuseipdb.com/check/
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    Country of Origin

    Glad to be of no help to you ? I hope it helped the original; poster, who asked if it was a legitimate IP address from Turkey not involved in suspicious behaviour though ?
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    Country of Origin

    Check out the abuse reports for It was last reported 6 days ago, and it appears to be sending fake emails from supposed friends. ................................................... It also says Important Note: is an IP address from within our whitelist. Whitelisted netblocks are typically owned by trusted entities, such as Google or Microsoft who may use them for search engine spiders. However, these same entities sometimes also provide cloud servers and mail services which are easily abused. Pay special attention when trusting or distrusting these IPs ................................................... I'm also getting a heck of a lot of phishing and scam emails from google spider bot IP addresses listed at Mountain View, California AbuseIPDB »
  4. They react like this. Cloudflare.com Hosting Spammers
  5. That's all very well, but you aren't reaching the abuse desks and never will, because cloudflare ignore all abuse reports. That's why spammers use hosting companies like Cloudflare. They are a bullet proof haven for spammers. cloudflare bulletproof spammer hosting
  6. I've had a look at some of those links on your abuse reports. The ones I've looked at all go to an unsubscribe landing page (which obviously isn't working) The look of it all does seem like the garbage I was getting though. What you need to do is actually go to the pages that are being spamvertised,. You need to contact the companies being advertised directly. It's obviously a waste of time you complaining to Cloudflare. Let them know they are being reported, and what the potential penalty consequences are for sending nuisance mail. These products and offers being sent are from a 3rd party marketing company. They have direct contact with the marketing company (unlike you who are failing to reach them via spam reports) It will only take one company to ask them to stop sending you their product offers, and the spammer will take you off the mailing list, and it will stop all the other junk from the same marketing source being sent to you. This Glossy Bingo was just one of the products I was being sent from my nuisance spammer. Finally fed up I went to their page, I found this contact email address and sent them a strongly worded email about their nuisance mail, and within 10 minutes I got a reply saying how sorry they were, and they would put a stop to it. It must have frightened them into action, they mailed me back twice over the next few days to make sure it had all stopped. I never had any junk again from that same source again. This is the can spam act jargon to give you some idea of the kind of thing you can put in a complaint. Q. What are the penalties for violating the CAN-spam Act? A. Each separate email in violation of the law is subject to penalties of up to $41,484, and more than one person may be held responsible for violations. For example, both the company whose product is promoted in the message and the company that originated the message may be legally responsible. Email that makes misleading claims about products or services also may be subject to laws outlawing deceptive advertising, like Section 5 of the FTC Act. The CAN-spam Act has certain aggravated violations that may give rise to additional fines. The law provides for criminal penalties – including imprisonment – for: accessing someone else’s computer to send spam without permission, using false information to register for multiple email accounts or domain names, relaying or retransmitting multiple spam messages through a computer to mislead others about the origin of the message, harvesting email addresses or generating them through a dictionary attack (the practice of sending email to addresses made up of random letters and numbers in the hope of reaching valid ones), and taking advantage of open relays or open proxies without permission. CAN-spam Act: A Compliance Guide for Business
  7. I had the same problem with a cowboy spammer called rutherl.com There was no way to contact them, and the only web page they seem to have is here http://www.rutherl.com/ They sent loads of this advertising rubbish for all manner of things, online gambling, glossy bingo, health care e.t.c. All this crap was hosted by Limestone Networks, like Cloudflare they take no notice of abuse reports, and are a haven for spammers. You can see many other people aren't happy with Limestone Networks by looking at the reviews they get on their facebook page here. https://www.facebook.com/pg/limestoneinc/reviews/ The spamvertised pages either had no un-subscribe option, or if it did, it wouldn't work. On the few occasions it did work, they didn't act on it and just kept sending the junk anyway. So like I said above, I set out to contact the companies directly who they were advertising for. I only need send one email to get it stopped. I contacted this Glossy Bingo and reminded them the can spam act states ' A. Each separate email in violation of the law is subject to penalties of up to $41,484, and more than one person may be held responsible for violations. For example, both the company whose product is promoted in the message and the company that originated the message may be legally responsible. After being pestered for months, all it took was one email directly to one of the companies being advertised to stop it straight away.
  8. What type of spam is being sent, is it the same thing? If you could give some examples of what's being sent it would be easier to find out what's the best way to stop it. I've dealt with persistent nuisance spammers by using any of the email address on their advertised spam pages, and digging out as many of their mail addresses as possible by using URL scan, and 'who is' e.t.c. Then I contact them and tell them they are being reported, all the info is logged and recorded, and tell them it will be passed on to the Federal Trades Commission (Or whichever regulator deals with unsolicited spam where you live) The junk mail has stopped immediately. Cloudflare are indeed the absolute pits for junk spam and not dealing with it.
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    Play games with those dimwits. Just include their reply/return e-mail address on your abuse report. Let them see they've been reported. They know they have no chance of ever scamming you, plus the chance of them being caught goes up exponentially. I hardly ever get any of these scams these days by doing this. Then for added fun you could use this 'Trace IP' site to find out info about the IP address they have been using. https://tools.tracemyip.org/lookup/ Then send them another e-mail with their IP data and location info added. Just make up a few formal sounding law authority email addresses. Just add the fictitious mail addresses to the IP query blurb... When they see something like this, they'll get a panic on lol Here's one such reply and attachment I sent to a scammer. These scammers have no problem trying to steal money off people they don't know, then I have no problem trying to make them feel worried sick about the repercussions of their actions .................................................. Tracking evidence for IP address xxxxxxx c/o fbi.cybercrime@report The IP tracing evidence is computer produced specifically for xxxxxxxxx. This host has the hardware IP xxxxxxxxxx. The hardware Internet Protocol Address adheres to proper specifications of an IPv4 Internet Protocol Address, which has an decompressed value of xxxxxxxxxxxxx. The reverse DNS for the checked host is hardcloud.com.br. A domain pointer seems to be webmail.hardcloud.com.br. A full backtrack for the inspected reverse DNS request was captured as webmail.hardcloud.com.br at the time of this query. An organization that maintains xxxxxxxxxx is Amazon.com. An Internet Service Provider (also known as ISP) that holds this hardware xxxxxxxxxxx is Amazon.com. The data for the tracking information confirms that the connection to this host has an assigned location in Ashburn, Virginia, United States. The timezone of the physical location of this host is America/New_York. This host evaluated on this tracing info appears to belong to a bot/spider group as determined by Organization name and ISP provider name entities.
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    Blocking addresses on Yahoo mail

    Hi. My first post on this forum. I'm not sure what a 'Wild card' is on Yahoo. But it's the 'FROM' mail address you need to block, and not the 'RETURN PATH' mail address. You can get the relevant info from the 'more' and view 'raw message' option on the Yahoo mail page. If it's a persistent spammer, which it sounds as though it is. You'll find the 'From' mail address changes every time too.