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  1. TomosJ

    My first days of using Spamcop

    Latest update, not a single spam email received overnight Another question what does the following mean "abuse#iri.pl@devnull.spamcop.net" sometimes the reports show that link instead of a link to one of the hosting companies
  2. TomosJ

    My first days of using Spamcop

    I only received two spam emails over night, fingers crossed it remains low for the rest of the day
  3. TomosJ

    My first days of using Spamcop

    I'll try this out tonight when I get home
  4. TomosJ

    My first days of using Spamcop

    Update from my first few days of using Spamcop. The number of emails from Amazonaws and Primarynetwork has fallen I received 16 spam from a new hosting company today Dinahosting, I reported the spam via Spamcop and I contacted the company directly on twitter and to their credit contacted me back very quickly and I received the following ( Good afternoon, We have reviewed the different hostings that were hacked and sending spam, we have also stopped it's traffic) top marks
  5. TomosJ

    My first days of using Spamcop

    Thanks for the suggestion, Habul seems to be incompatible with my version of Thunderbird, I'll have to wait until the author creates an undated version
  6. TomosJ

    My first days of using Spamcop

    Hi Kolor, Thanks for the tips, i'll forward any applicable emails to the addresses you have suggested
  7. TomosJ

    My first days of using Spamcop

    Hi Lisati and LKing, Thanks for the advice i'll try both and report back if I have any joy
  8. Hi All, After a few days use, I've noticed that most spam emails so far seem to be hosted by a limited number of providers (Primary.net, Amazonaws, ovh, colocrossing and coloprovider) is that the same for most people on the forum. If the hosting companies are based in the USA would it make any sense to report the spam to the federal govt (the Federal Trade Commission at spam@uce.gov)? Thanks Tom.
  9. I occasionally receive this message "No data / Too much data You are most likely submitting a very large email. Please trim some of the unnecessary data (noting where this has been done) from this posting and try again. SpamCop will no longer accept email larger than 50.0K bytes." To make sure I'm submitting the correct data, between which 2 headings in a Hotmail Message Source should I copy and paste Thanks Tom.
  10. Hi, Quick question is the best/ easiest way to view and copy the "message Source" in Hotmail.com as follows Right click on the message and select "view message source" Ctrl A to select the entire text Copy and then paste into Spamcop web form Thanks Tom.
  11. TomosJ

    spam in Hotmail

    Hi All, I'm currently receiving a lot of spam in my Hotmail Junk Folder (Viagra, Russian women, Bitcoin etc), can anyone offer any advice on being able to delete these emails at a server level as Microsoft Hotmail seems to be lacking in any decent spam controls, I can block email address, Domains and according to Microsoft IP addresses but there seems to be no way to block by "keywords" words regardless of where they appear in the email? Thanks Tom.