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    Has anyone gotten SPAM for this?

    OEM Software I have ran across this website a few times and I just got an email from it as well. Has anyone else gotten emails or does anybody know if this place is legit?
  2. Ihatespamcopandspam

    I hate Spamcop and SPAM

    Exactly, Thank You for clarifying that for others. I might be mistaken, but I thought that is what forums were for? To talk about issues and problems. I think some people misunderstood what I said at first. I know Spamcop does not block anything themselves.
  3. Ihatespamcopandspam

    I hate Spamcop and SPAM

    I know not what I speak, lol That is what I was trying to say. If you have someone like yourself that is paying per the amount of data that you are transferring, then you guys are paying way too much for your bandwidth. I was not trying to say millions of spam would not eat a little of your bandwidth.
  4. Ihatespamcopandspam

    I hate Spamcop and SPAM

    If someone is that hardup for bandwidth, that some email is even using 1% of their bandwidth, then they are paying way too much for it. For about the price of a T1 you can get a 100mbit connection, Take a look at www.cogentco.com Chad
  5. Ihatespamcopandspam

    I hate Spamcop and SPAM

    Yeah, it is Sago Networks, sorry bout that. Typing too fast! We have had a ton of issues with a few hosting customers who in turn host hundreds of websites. Spamcop probably provides a great service in gerneral, but I think I spend more time dealing with that as opposed to the spam itself. There really just needs to be one blacklist that everyone updates, like how DNS works. Then it would not be such a pain in butt having to look at 50 different blacklists.
  6. Ihatespamcopandspam

    I hate Spamcop and SPAM

    Oh yeah and one other thing. I would have posted in the spamcop lounge, but seeing as it says not to talk about spamcop, I thought it would not belong there either. Spamcop lounge This forum is for discussion of pretty much anything except SpamCop and spam fighting.
  7. Ihatespamcopandspam

    I hate Spamcop and SPAM

    Sorry about the posting in te wrong forum did not see the other one and its is not completely clear what belongs in what areas. Actually, as far as it blocking certain IP addresses, you may be right about it being the ISP resposibility, but the only problem with that theory is that I work for an ISP here in Tamp called Sage Networks. So, why would we blacklist our own IP? http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? I spend more time trying to remove people off of spamcop and others like it, than actually blocking spam. Don't get me wrong, spam sucks,but blocking an IP is not the way to do it. As an example, I can easily write a program to use thousands of proxies used by millions of people to access the internet, to send some spam, randomly changing between my list of proxies. So, now some idiot is going to go and report each IP address and none of them will be able to send email or use the net any longer because every ISP that subscribes to Spamcop will now be blocking requests to those IPs. So a better solution would be for each company or individual to ru hteir own filtering/blocking software as opposed to blocking an entire IP.
  8. Ihatespamcopandspam

    Popgate and AOL

    Sounds to me like you guys just need to tell all your contacts your new email address and just drop crappy AOL anyways. You guys paying $4.95 a month for an email adress is pathetic. Give me 2.95 a month and I will give you 20 email addresses. AOL is for people who have never used the internet before.
  9. Ihatespamcopandspam

    I hate Spamcop and SPAM

    Both spam and Spamcop cause the same amount of problems and headaches for people. Spamcop is fine for blocking a single Spammers IP or server address, but when some idiot decides to block an entire ISP's server address range just because of one idiot sending spam, that is just fu**ing stupid. From now on, if you are going to report an IP address as sending spam, don't be a lazy ass and just report the IP address to Spamcop. Try donig a little checking first to make sure it does not belong to an ISP for sending email for thousands of domains. Common sense would tell you that you need to report it to that particular ISP, but I guess that would be asking too much. Therefore, the idiots that randomly report IP's because they got a single spam from it need to stop because you are causing as many problems, if not more, than the actual spam.