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    I am blocked

    Why Spamcop, because the RBL site says so ! OK I used SpyBOt search and destroy , cleaned once again everything can now someone do something Jack
  2. jack

    I am blocked

    My question is : what really happened ! My IP : is blocked because of spams I would have sent last week. I was mostly not at home and since 20 july did sent only messages to friends about the games we are playing and à LARP event in belgium ( www.larp.be ) . The people at UPC/CHELLO say they can do nothing at all to help me. I have no viruses, the PC is clean and I need it urgently for my work . If someone accuses me, I have the right to know who and why , for what message , from when or Iwill never understand . It is too easy just to say : you have been reported . were is the real abuse . Here is the message I Got Impossible d'envoyer le message car l'un des destinataires a été refusé par le serveur. L'adresse de messagerie refusée était 'lucinus[at]the-strategist.net'. Objet 'Re: WWI', Compte : 'Jacques Wilputte', Serveur : 'relay.chello.be', Protocole : SMTP, Réponse du serveur : '551 Mail from your IP address is currently blocked based on RBL listing', Port : 25, Sécurisé (SSL) : Non, Erreur de serveur : 551, Numéro d'erreur : 0x800CCC79 I am not skilled with PC and understand nothing on your site . the only thing I noticed is that I am being reported for 46 hoiurs, but yesterday evening I did sent and receive messages normaly . If I am blocked since at leats 46 hours it is not possible to sent the messages I sent about 13 hours ago . Please I need to communicate urgently with some people so deblock me NOW ! Thanks Jacques Wilputte