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  1. There is two options you have that I don't have, whomever set up this account did not opt in for that means of recovery, the /b .
  2. How long has it been since you needed to do that?
  3. Which would be ducky except that: To get in touch with PayPal it requires a PayPal account, which I cannot make because the email address is already in use. Even with a PayPal account, you cannot get in touch with anyone via email, all you get back is autoreplies to "the most common questions of this nature", and using the phone fails too, I was on hold for several hours with no answer. (This was accomplished using a friend's paypal account to contact them.) The above also explains why there has been no response to any emails to any of their registered abuse and spoof address's, nobody is monitoring the inbox if the inbox even exists. Net result: PayPal is a fully automated website with nary a human being responsible for what happens there.
  4. Tracking URL: Embedded link to unsubscribe: https;//epl.paypal-communication,com/T/v4000001604aa5fbca8bdbd6f4bbc786c8/b8969724df42457a0000021ef3a0bcd4/b8969724-df42-457a-a7d7-9f4ff16a3da4 Puts you onto the PAYPAL site (at the time of this posting): https;//www.paypal,com/ca/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_unsubscribe-notify&ID=7G222975YJ340841M&EID=yO2ECASfg.5AvQ8rNgWGpi8i4VPNQ8Fw&cat=PNP&mplx=2663618726687543
  5. So, I have an issue with getting spammed by paypal itself, and there is absolutely nothing that can be done about this. To get off their mailing list requires a paypal account, which I cannot make because the email address is already associated with a paypal account. I have no idea just how someone managed to hack their way into getting a paypal account with my email address, considering that in order to get the email address added to the account requires one to actually take action with the link provided in the email to verify it. The email account has never been compromised or used by anyone else. And at this point, the ONLY emails it gets is, (you guessed it), spam from paypal.