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    Spamcop FAQ help

    To all: thanks very much for the responses and info. This has been very informative. And very frustrating to see that my server has been compromised. I think that we have shut the open doors. Thanks again jonathan
  2. jonathanz

    Spamcop FAQ help

    Thanks for the replies and additional info. I just got off the phone with my ISP again and the guy said that he saw that I was blocked and that the IP listed was for my router/firewall on my office network, but he couldn't find any specific complaints about that IP. Jeff, is it possible for you (or someone at SpamCop) to send me a copy (or post a link) of a complaint, so that I can further investigate why I am listed? Also, what is a 'mole report"? Finally, I have confirmed that there is not an open relay. I'm not 100% clear on what that means, but I was told that it is often a problem. Either way, I don't have one. Thanks very much, Jonathan
  3. jonathanz

    Spamcop FAQ help

    Sorry if this is simplistic question, but I'm a little confused... The IP that is listed when I get a 'blocked by Spamcop' message (see below): Is that the IP of the ISP blocking my emails or the IP of the ISP that is being blocked due to a Spamcop listing? When I used the Spamcop web based investigative methods, the owner of the IP that was listed was my internet provider. When I called them, they denied any knowledge of why I would be calling. They said only that they subscribed to Spamcop. If I understand the FAQ correctly, that IP is the one that is being blocked. So is my ISP being disingenuous or have I misunderstood the FAQ? Thanks very much Jonathan "5.3.0 spam blocked see: http://spamcop.net/bl.shtml?"