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  1. Thanks Wazoo, I believe you're right about Outlook and OLSpamCop which can forward only what it gets. Another question : are these links tracked in reports from people who don't use Outlook ? Sorry, I certainly won't. I get about 80 samples a day and I don't want to spend a couple of hours to report them. If SpamCop can't be configured to handle the links in Outlook reports bodies, it will be pitiable but OK for me. Of course, I'd prefer to be more useful. Sure I'm not the only one in that case.
  2. Sorry, I don't back up spam samples and reports, that's why I can't give you the accurate URL of my samples. But if you want to see how clean are my reports, here are the two latest : http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z617880406zfa...36b7dc067dd667z http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z617868751zcd...b41c4173366f27z
  3. Here is the full body of one of my spam reports : <html> <a href="http://www.24-7medz.com/s/?mourik"> <img src="http://rougerpics.info/ad1.gif" border="0" width="254" height="171"> </a> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p><a href="http://www.24-7medz.com/rms.html"> <img src="http://rougerpics.info/rmv2.gif" border="0" width="312" height="19"></p> </a> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> </html> Two sites are easily read by human eyes or browser programs. Why is SpamCop (more than) often unable to send complaints to their ISP ? In this example, only one site shut down would be enough to mess up the business of this spammer.
  4. OK. I'm using MS Outlook 2003 and OLSpamCop to mail my reports. This line has been tracked and reported to the ISP : <center><a id='Dacca' href="http://swimmer.176948116085830811.antiseptic.software4trojans.com/xme/index.html">Not Interested In Communication</a></center> and this one (in an other sample) not : <center><a id='bickered' href="http://made.228376911676293830.kettle.software4trojans.com/rm/index.html">Turn Off This Type of Message</a></center> I'm showing you two similar sample lines on purpose. Does this help ?
  5. Hello ! Almost every spam body contains links (e.g. "visit us" or "remove me") but SpamCop doesn't track the half of them. Considering these links lead to the spam initiators, is there any reason of this lack ?
  6. Yes, it should be. It's OK now, thanks for all.
  7. Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors: Confirmation codes do not match: From recipient address: Fvk...A7h [and 43 blank chars] From header: Fvk...A7h From body: Fvk...A7h Could it be possible to teach Mailhosts to forget these blank chars ?