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    Selecting and deleting multple held emails

    This has been asked / answered at least several times over in the E-Mail Forum. This "Help" Forum is generally for problems with the reporting of spam. Suggest you visit the E-Mail Forum and read through the Topic list. As the answer is there several times, there shouldn't be a need for you to even re-post your query .... Dear Spamcop: I find it obnoxious to answer legitimate questions of your users with something like "This has been asked / answered at least several times over in the E-Mail Forum.", etc. Has is occured to you that there must be a SERIOUS PROBLEM with the structure of the Spamcop help system (not only the HELP system) in terms of user-friendlyness and intuitive GUIs? Don't you realize that NONE OF YOUR USERS is really interested in learning the Spamcop system, but just in getting their e-mails delivered? Please try better. Wolfgang Polzleitner
  2. Spamcop is again blocking my ISP, eunet.at, which happens to be one of the largest in the country and I can't get my e-mails through. Since this is now going on for more than a week and I spend a lot of time working with an akward webmail system to get my e-mails delivered, I have enough. I have other things to do than try to get my mail delivered. Can you please send me an e-mail address, where I can request to close my Spamcop account. Such an address seems to be hiidden somewhere in the unstructured mess that is called a help system. Spamcop is completely useless to me as of now. Wolfgang Polzleitner wp[at]sensotech.at
  3. We hav ea total of three Spamcop accounts, and all of them are unable to receive any mail because Spamcop suddenly is BLOCKING ALL our e-mails. I have to go to the held e-mail folder, go through all the spam and find out the legitimate e-mails manually. Spamcop was working pretty nicely sofar, but now it is really useless. Please help. What has changed? Wolfgang Polzleitner