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    Is there Another Method?

    I guess I wasn't thinking that the number would decrease, but that I wouldn't see them coming from the same sites over and over. As long as it does some good, I'll keep doing it, even though it feels futile.
  2. In the last few years I was getting so little spam that I barely reported it anymore. Suddenly about 2 months ago, I started getting hammered with between 20-30 spams a day, all from the same system/individual. For the first month all links pointed to AmazonAWS. Now all links point to google with reports going to google-cloud-compliance. There's almost no tracing on the emails so all reports go to the devnull account. Is there any point in wasting my time reporting this crap? Are they really being hosted on Google or is this a mask? Is there a better way to track these idiots down? Is there something I can do in my reporting that makes them easier to trace? I just basically copy and paste the raw message. I'm tired of reporting the same 30 spams every single day and never seeing any kind of improvement in the situation. Happy to provide whatever other details might help with an answer.