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  1. spam continues still even tough it has been marked as resolved. My opinion is that is spammer for hire, totally blackhat. has landing page, in every spam. The messages are quite similar, That is their modus operandi, the has been no changes since the spam started (for me), more than 2 months ago, every day more than 10 spams. They do not care EU ligislation ( opt-in is only option everything else is illegal)
  2. Yet another one, reported within minutes
  3. Heres is next one, The spam run is constant, now it seems that on average every other spam is marked as resolved.
  4. Here is the latest one, within 10 minutes of receiving :
  5. I have a persistent spammer who is using ( or as sender, all landing pages are on servers according spamcop reports. But lately all these spams have been marked as already resolved even if I report them within minutes after receiving. All these spams are scams in finnish language ( what amazes me is that they are in good finnish which is hard to learn). There are usually 5 similar spams ( no visible variations) and some with small variations. When isp marks the spam as resolved does it elude all bookkeeping so it does not get blacklisted ? I even tried contacting but that address seems to be blackhole :-( ismo