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    Passing mailto variables to spamcop webmail system

    Can you elaborate as to what the "Beta SMTP server" is please?
  2. I am trying to get my mailto; linking working in Firefox using an addon 'WebMailCompose Plugin' for Firefox 2.0. that tries to pass on the email address, subject line, cc, bcc, using variables. for example if I were to use yahoo webmail the syntax would be: http://compose.mail.yahoo.com/?To=^T&Subject=^S&Body=^M&Cc=^C&Bcc=^B Can anyone suggest what the equivalent syntax might be for spamcop webmail if it is indeed possible? thanks in advance Dave
  3. Davespath

    Deleting whitelist entries

    Thnaks for the comments - I'm sure i have added these addresses in error. but deleting 50 pages on my dialup account is just not practical. If I could select all the addresses or display all of them on one page it may be possable.... I have contacted JT as advised. thanks again
  4. ...how can i do this? I have about two pages of addresses I want to keep but deleting them one page at a time just takes too long. I would delete my account and open a new one if i didn't have half a year left... Some how I added all these addresses by accident. No idea how but if some admin/sysop could delete the whole lot it would be great as they are mostly spammer addresses which defeats the whole object of the service, non? All the best Dave
  5. Looking at my Whitelist I notice there apperars to be many emails addresses added like 08761876870108[at]somedomain.com. I'm preetty sure i haven't accidentaly added these (but you never know!) My white list now runs to 60 pages. 1/ Is there any way these could have been added maliciously? 2/ Is there any way to increase the number displayed per page so that I can manage them more easily? All the best