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  1. Abuse contact for ' -' is 'noc[at]elb.fr'
  2. Abuse contact for ' -' is 'abuse[at]online.net'
  3. luikarlos has just joined SC with a non-sequitur reply to a thread nearly a year old. Also has included a live link to youtube. I'd be very wary about going there..... YMMV
  4. Abuse contact for ' -' is 'info[at]sayfa.net'
  5. Abuse contact for - is kadams[at]lycatel.com
  6. RadicalDad is using the web form to report, so the Outlook forwarding problem isn't the culprit in this case. Maybe a re-learn of Mailhosts might fix this. Is it possible the OP's mail/Internet provider has added new servers and routes?
  7. Yes, HORDE works mainly for me too, but for the past few months whenever I try to batch-submit a bunch of spam there's bound to be one that borks the whole lot. By trial and error I remove individual spams from the batch until what's left goes through. I've begun to recognise the format of the recently appeared pest, so always keep those out of a batch, but still others can cause the same problem. I'll try to keep a list of links for the emails that have to be manually reported. When I have half a dozen or so it might become clear what's the common element. If I still can't spot it I might come back here with that list of links to see if anyone on this list is a better detective!
  8. Following up this longstanding irritation; I'm receiving a minor but steady stream of spam from one source whose emails cannot be reported to SC as email attachments. All other spam reports normally. These troublesome spams can be reported using the web interface by pasting the entire message without modification into the "all-in-one submission form". I don't have to fix missing blank lines between header and body for instance. Here's a link to the successfully reported spam; https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6357183132z1d69cb2dfc8b9610109ea7846ab30adez Can anyone see something in the original body that would make my email client (HORDE) fail to forward, with the familiar error message:- "There was an error sending your message. Message could not be delivered - the address was not found, is unknown, or is not receiving messages."
  9. Have you looked at the second pinned topic "Outlook received header problem" in the list above? Outlook now routinely rearranges the header lines when forwarding, so if you are running Outlook you *may not* forward your spams as an attachment for processing. Does this apply to your situation? If not - have you registered your mailhosts? - Also, is that bmorris address live? If so you'd be advised not to advertise it. I'd have edited it out for you if I knew how to do that... HTH
  10. Abuse contact for ' -' is 'postmaster[at]abuse.mail.dk'
  11. Abuse contact for ' -' is 'support[at]shahroodut.ac.ir'
  12. Hi Paul, not quite sure what you mean by not seeing them. I suggested looking at the "month" statistics graph to highlight the fact that there has been a MARKED drop in reported spam. As suggested, this may simply mean there is less spam to report - a good thing, or that a single major reporter has stopped contributing; though that would have to have been a mighty automated system to have such an obvious effect on stats. My concern is that whatever happened around 22nd December to drastically reduce submitted spam may have been internal - inside SC systems.
  13. Have you looked at the reporting statistics graph for the month? It may point to a wider cause. Either most of the world's spammers have crossed over from the dark side, or very many reports aren't getting through. I've noticed that some of mine take an age to appear after sending a report as attachment to submit...@spamcop, but they do eventually show up for reporting. This slow performance used to be present when spamcop was receiving floods of reports, that's why I checked the stats graph. Now maybe some reports are taking so long to process that they fall outside the 48 hour window?
  14. Abuse contact for ' -' is 'mircea.stoinescu[at]bluvox.ro'
  15. Abuse contact for ' -' is amit[at]gtel.in