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    Automate Mailhosts

    risk factor is not knowing the impact and/or consequences if I miss an account / client where mail is forwarded to my spamcop account and I report from webmail... If it's going to become mandatory then lets at least make sure there are tools in place to make it fool-proof (eg offer a check list of sites that are 'probably good', 'probably bad' and 'unsure' based on a users reporting history etc I'm firmly in favour of anything that makes reporting better, safer (and who knows, maybe more effective) but if it requires more effort on my part then I'll just pay my $30 and use the filtering/webmail and storage but my 8 hour reporting average may slip !
  2. as an admin for a number of sites I have a whole bunch of forwards that eventually make their way (usually via a specific upstream address so I can quick redirect them) to my SpamCop address which is my main line of defence against drowning in spam.... I'd love to start using the MailHosts (especially as it's running the risk of actually becoming mandatory one day) but... the risk factor is a bit high ! Would love to see a totally automated solution for adding mailhosts, but, yeah... right.... computers can't deduce the right answer to this question, so... perhaps a check list that's been monitoring hosts and if you manually (via webmail as well) report one as spam it gets dropped, but you can also go into the list and manually select which ones are good for you. I get a little nervous about making something like this mandatory without a low pain adoption route....